Lookout Stages : Melbourne

We’re at it again!

This was the Fourth time I was sitting in the navigators seat…THE WRONG SEAT!…but at least this time it wasn’t snowing, nor was it way below freezing, indeed even the early morning fog had lifted before stage one, was this a good omen?

Phil had once again meticulously prepared the Escort for battle and we felt good at the start line for stage one and were confident that we could improve well on our lowly start number of 57 out of over 90 starters.

As usual we had a tentative first stage, after all no one wants to go out on stage one do they? (Two did however including car number 1)

Potential disaster struck quite early on when it became clear at service that the entire nearside rear suspension was detaching itself from the car and HUGE cracks had appeared in the boot floor. Time for Super Service Guys!, at one point we were trying to break the unofficial record for how many mechanics you could actually fit under the boot of an escort, I swear there were six people under there at once!

A wide selection of brackets were hastily drilled and bolted in place to hold it all together for the next stage so that an entirely different set of brackets could be fitted!

Phil being Phil “nursed” the car round the next stage (like hell he did!) and at next service

Super Service Guys set about making things better. This is when “IT” happened, quite simply the most staggering bodge in history, you see whilst Dave was lying on his back staring at the carnage underneath the rear of the Escort he got to thinking that perhaps, just perhaps that Sunbeam suspension arm he forgot to unload from his van may just fit to the chassis leg and bolt at the other end to the panhard rod, pure genius and the repair, or ” mission bodge a rod” was completed and gave us no further trouble.

However we were progressing well and Phil was getting more confident and the red mist had definitely descended when we homed in on a…..wait for it…Sapphire Cossie 4×4! , now most people would have known their place, but not Phil, oh no, lights, horn, more lights, more horn, closer, closer, language Phil! ********* if you can’t go round go through!, so as the Cossie driver over braked himself so Phil nerfed him from the rear, helping him round the corner and helping our radiator fan through the radiator!

Back at service we played “cadge a rad” and despatched people to the four corners of the service area in search of a miracle. No problems and with the new rad in place we tackled the remaining stages without major incident.

We finished 42nd overall and 11th in class and had a thoroughly jolly day out, however it would have been a very short day had it not been for “Super Service Guys”!, so thanks and respect to Richard, Dave, Scooby and Shaw (and Debbie for Mega Butties!)