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P.C.T. - Production Car Trial

What’s it all about?

Basically a route is layed out on a slope, usually grass, the aim is to get as far along the route as possible. The route is marked with stakes that must not be touched by the vehicle. How far along the course you get determines your score, i.e. half way scores 6 and completing the course scores 0. Therefore the lower scorer is the winner.

What type of car is needed?

To compete in a Production Car Trial a standard production car that has a current (valid) MOT is needed . Ballast can be added over the driving wheels but the silhouette of the car must not be changed in any way.

Who can compete?

At the first level all you need to do is join a Motor club that is part of the MSA (Huddersfield Motor Club). A crew is made up of a driver and navigator. The navigator can move around (bounce up and down) whilst attempting the course to help assist with grip. At higher levels of the sport a competition license is required.

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Wales rally GB
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