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Rallying is a form of motorsport that takes place on a variety of surfaces from closed roads to forest tracks to airfields. All the cars are modified production cars. Rallying is distinguished by running not on a circuit but instead in a point to point format in which participants drive between set points (Stages). Rallies may be won by pure speed within the stages or alternatively by driving to a predetermined ideal journey time within the stages.

So You Want To Play

If you want to start Rallying you will first have to join a Motorsport Club to get your Clubmans Card. You can also find out a lot about Rallying and Building Cars from Club Members who already compete. The Next Step is to get a Rally Pack from the MSA, fill out the forms, attend a Bars Course and get your Racing Licence.

The Car

A Rally Car is not just your standard everyday shopping car; these cars have to be built to safety standards set out in the MSA Blue Book which you get when you get your competition licence. These safety standards cover nearly every part of the car from roll cages, suspension seats and harnesses etc.

What will I need?

A Navigator, one who can preferably read maps. You and your navigator will both need fire proof overalls and a helmet, all equipment must meets the MSA Standards, an intercom is advisable as rally cars are noisy inside.

Picking Your Event

There are different types of rallying you can do like tarmac rallies, forest events or airfields. Pick the event that your car suits, a forest rally in a tarmac car will end in tears.

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Upcoming Events
all-day Wales rally GB
Wales rally GB
Oct 26 – Oct 29 all-day
Come along to the Wales Rally G B, we have a minimum of four marshals attending. For further details, ie to confirm times and locations please contact Ted Collins direct.
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