The Keith Pattison Memorial Sprint for 2019 saw 8 Huddersfield members racing on the day and several marshals helping the organising team run a smooth and efficient event.

With other events happening around the country on the day we received a good turn out on the day with 37 entries overall, who enjoyed two practice runs and eight timed runs! For marshals there were a number of clashes with other events, but thank you to all who turned out for the event 25 on track – you all made this event happen! Most posts had 3 or more marshals on post and only a couple with 2 marshals – this wasn’t a problem though. We knew the posts most likely to have incidents, posts 5 & 9, so ensured they were covered well. Post 9, in particular, seemed to encourage the kamikaze driving styles, with the finish line being on the bend and an expanse of gravel to aim for if competitors couldn’t keep it on the tarmac!

A few comments received on Facebook:

“Thanks for a brilliant day John, slickly run and you arranged fab weather too! Let’s hope next year is oversubscribed!”

“Just got back from Blyton, and wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone involved, especially the marshals. Really enjoyable day, great track and the most runs I’ve ever had on an event!”

“An easy day at Blyton for us all (Harewood marshals), listening to the “Dave and Haydn show” (Dave Tasker & Haydn Clover – post chiefs at Posts 9 & 5), with extra highlights from Craig (Craig Senior at post 2). Think I managed to get 3 calls in between these lot”

“An excellent day as usual. Good racing, well behaved…mostly, good fun listening to the “Dave & Haydn” show……..”

“2 practice and 8 timed runs and back home by 16.30…Winner Winner”

Results for the day:

KPMS 2019 Collated Results (1)

Thank you to all who came both competitors and marshals, days like these wouldn’t happen without you!!